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Solar Incentive Advice

Start claiming your incentives now!

For funded solar panels that save you money look no further than Solar Incentive Advice.

  • Claim government backed incentives of up to £30,000
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Save up to 60% on your fuel bills
  • Now available to most UK homeowners
  • Start saving now!
Find out how much you can save! Do you qualify for Government backed incentives?
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Incentive Checker

Up to £30,000 available

Are you a homeowner? Your data is always kept confidential
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Let’s keep the UK clean, healthy and save money whilst doing so

You now have the chance to switch to cleaner energy supplies that also save you significant amounts of money over time. You no longer have to pay for expensive energy as you can utilise FREE solar energy now.

Claim Your Government Backed Incentives Here Find out Now!!!
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Join the thousands already using solar panel energy around the UK.

Don’t miss out! You can now claim incentives for solar panel funding as long as your home qualifies. If you are a homeowner in the UK you can now save money on your electricity bills and claim incentives using our form.

Do I Qualify?

Own your own home? Then you are entitled right away! As long as you have a suitable roof you can start claiming now

Claim incentives of up to £30,000

You can now start generating your own energy without paying any upfront expenses. Claim incentives with Solar Incentive Advice today.

Make up to £600 a Year Yourself

By generating your own renewable energy you could earn income by selling your excess power back to the grid! You could earn up to £600 per year from exporting and saving.

Own your own home? Claim now!

You can start generating your own electricity in as little as 14 days, so claim now!

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“Total electricity generated from renewables in 2015 was up by 29% on 2014”.
Source: Department of Energy and Climate Change

You now have the opportunity to generate your own free energy thanks to solar panel funding and incentives. As long as you own your own home with a suitable roof you can gain access to sunshine energy and save money right away.

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If you are a homeowner then it's great news for you!

All we need to do now is check the suitability of your roof.

Find out now if you qualify Find out Now!!!
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How does it work? Follow the three easy steps below!


Register For Incentives

Use our form to submit your application and you soon can be claiming incentives to create your own energy.


Free Home Consultations

One of our Solar Energy Assessors will arrange to carry out a free home survey, to assess the suitability of your roof for solar panels.


Installation Time

We then work with you to create the perfect time for installation so that you can generate your own energy in no time at all.

Register for funding and incentives now

Become part of thousands of homeowners creating their own energy around the UK.